Size 20-16 … The New Skinny Me way!!

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I’m always so happy for my New Skinny Me clients when they achieve great and in some cases unexpected results with my healthy lifestyle programme. I am even more humbled when they continue with the new healthy lifestyle they have accomplished as a result of following the 30 day New Skinny Me (NSM) programme, and… Read more »

Is Soy Safe ?

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Depends on what derivative form the product is consumed and how it is ‘processed’. I’ve noticed that Women in particular favour soy products as a dairy/protein substitute.  However these products are processed in such a way that the phytoestrogens present may play a role in breast cancer. As part of my online healthy lifestyle programme… Read more »


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A few weeks ago, I was asked who my ideal client was. My answer: The woman who wants to be able to exercise with weights safely and confidently with an element of fun thrown in. Weight training is an excellent form of exercise, it is both time and energy efficient. It works for you from… Read more »

Whatever you do, they will bounce!

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The sports bra, first invented in 1977, and was called the Jockbra.  Reasons for its existence, women experienced pain, chaffing and discomfort during exercise whilst wearing an ordinary bra. Thanks to the London Olympics 2012, everyone is out there getting involved in some form of sport. This is great to see, people training for a… Read more »

Quinoa – A bit like Marmite…..

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Quinoa has been around for about 4000 years, originating in the Andean regions of Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia and Peru.  Nutritionally its often compared with cereals, however a cereal it is not, almost a pseudo cereal due to its physical appearance. I usually describe it to look like couscous. Commonly know as the super grain….however its actually… Read more »

Keep Calm and Eat Healthy

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I saw this awesome pic online yesterday and HAD to share it!! Thanks to Motivate Sport: This inspired me to waffle about eating healthy, something I’ve always aspired to…..the healthy eating part…NOT the waffling! Everyone has their own definition or interpretation of healthy eating.  I once heard someone refer to a burger from a… Read more »

Weight V’s Size

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“I’m eating clean, exercising hard, I feel lighter, slimmer but when I weighed myself I only lost 1lb in a week” Our weight is not a direct reflection of fat V’s weight. Two people can weigh the same but look totally different, one could have a higher distribution of fat tissue than the other whilst the other… Read more »


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A conversation I had today with good friend inspired me to write down some thoughts and share them. “When I’m on a diet I know I can be good……” So I sought a definition for the word ‘Diet’. Oxford English Dictionary definition: diet1 (diet) Pronunciation: /ˈdʌɪət/ Definition of diet noun the kinds of food… Read more »

Buon giorno Skinny Me!

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Buon giorno Folks!!! So New Skinny Me is in Rome this week, its a hard life I know! Arrived late in the evening on Monday 27th August 2012. I was like a lion hunting my next protein hit!!!! Stumbled across a quaint little Trattorria close to the hotel, and flipped straight to the ‘Viandes’ page and bingo…… Read more »

New Skinny Me – Speaks for itself

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Here’s what they’re saying….   “Amrit, you are an incredible inspiration, thank you so much for all the support that you’ve given me on this programme. I have been absolutely re-educated by you. I’m now near the end of your programme and now, I feel so much healthier and fitter. I don’t know if I can… Read more »

Meal Ideas & Recipes

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Breakfast: Omelette – 3 eggs (one or two whole, the other whites only) , handful of spinach. Small handful of almonds and blueberries. Fruit smoothie – Almond, rice or coconut milk mixed with blueberries and seed mix. You can add protein powders such as hemp, rice or pea (purchase from Boiled egg with spinach, rocket, salad,… Read more »

How did New Skinny Me come about?

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Having been incognito for nearly four years, the time had come to make an appearance, and what better way to do it – “New Skinny Me”! November 2011 saw a huge turning point for me, I gave myself a well deserved kick in the right direction. I suppose I was in the right place and time of my… Read more »