Simply Strength

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  Ten years ago I embarked on a career change, from IT to Fitness and Well-being.  The biggest reason for doing so was to achieve a work life balance. It has been an extremely challenging journey.  My new career started with me working for one of the top ten personal training gyms in London, which… Read more »

Julia’s Journey

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Julia first came to me in early 2014. She wanted to lose weight, increase her body tone and improve her health and overall fitness. But, as she pointed out when we first started working together, she wasn’t a fan of exercise. I work with a lot of people who say they don’t like to exercise… Read more »

Yoga & Strength Training

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I came across this blog about strength training and yoga complimenting each other; basically it talks a lot of sense. The two types of training are like the Yin and Yan in exercise terms.  As the blog mentions, strength training focuses on big compound moves involving fast twitch muscles stimulating power and speed.  Yoga trains… Read more »