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Saturday night,  ordered in a takeaway –Chicken kebab no pitta with a pot of tahini on the side. I wanted to jazz up the salad a little…..so the following 30 second recipe transpired. 2 tablespoons of tahini 2 lemons – juiced A pinch of sumac A pinch of red pepper flakes Stir all of the… Read more »

Whatever you do, they will bounce!

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The sports bra, first invented in 1977, and was called the Jockbra.  Reasons for its existence, women experienced pain, chaffing and discomfort during exercise whilst wearing an ordinary bra. Thanks to the London Olympics 2012, everyone is out there getting involved in some form of sport. This is great to see, people training for a… Read more »

Weight V’s Size

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“I’m eating clean, exercising hard, I feel lighter, slimmer but when I weighed myself I only lost 1lb in a week” Our weight is not a direct reflection of fat V’s weight. Two people can weigh the same but look totally different, one could have a higher distribution of fat tissue than the other whilst the other… Read more »