Eating Out

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Clients often ask me how to cope when eating out, should they even eat out. My answer: of course, why not? Socialising plays a big part in all of our lives. Healthy eating is not about depriving ourselves of things we like to eat, in actual fact it’s all about balance.  You feel great whilst… Read more »

Morning Shot

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This little potion helps me start my day the right way.  Supporting the digestive system and keeping the metabolism at its peak are of utmost importance to me. So here’s a little concoction to try out, I usually make a little shot glass – down the hatch and done! Half a cup of warm water… Read more »

Body Weight Challenge

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I’ve spent the last year learning a few body weight exercises as part of my personal development goals – to achieve a full range pull up, and push up. The pull ups have been going well, I started off with hanging around and shrugging, which quickly progressed on to negative reps pull ups.  The sessions… Read more »

Ever tried Kalettes?

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Whilst rushing around shopping for my vegetables I came across a pack of Kalettes….hmmmm mind started whirring…what could I do with these cute little bundles? On a  cold and chilly Saturday afternoon, a warming soup beckoned, so I pulled the following ingredients out of the vegetable rack: Kalettes 3 Leeks 10-15 Asparagus tips 1 bulb… Read more »

Amrit’s Bite Sized Chunks

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Name: Amrit Age: 43 West Londoner living in North London Mother of 1, Wife of 1, time starved, adept at training and treating fellow time starved mums. Worked in IT for over 10 years, took the plunge with redundancy and invested into retraining for a career in Personal Training & Sports Therapy. Now I’m running… Read more »

Yoga & Strength Training

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I came across this blog about strength training and yoga complimenting each other; basically it talks a lot of sense. The two types of training are like the Yin and Yan in exercise terms.  As the blog mentions, strength training focuses on big compound moves involving fast twitch muscles stimulating power and speed.  Yoga trains… Read more »