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Ten years ago I embarked on a career change, from IT to Fitness and Well-being.  The biggest reason for doing so was to achieve a work life balance.

It has been an extremely challenging journey.  My new career started with me working for one of the top ten personal training gyms in London, which soon changed to maternity leave!! Timing eh! But I have no regrets whatsoever.  I returned to work on a very part-time basis as a freelancer – this is where the ‘real’ work life balance came into play.

The work life balance challenge has developed from working very few hours and enjoying watching my baby grow  to increasing working hours and juggling childcare with my partner.

Gym organisational changes beyond my control were often challenging making me feel like giving up.  Then came a shift of location, my client base in London shifted to my local area.  This has been growing ever since.

I dreamed of working in my own gym where I controlled the work life balance.  That day has finally come, ten years on I can say it was all worth it.

Simply Strength, my very own private gym space where I can manage my client base around my home life.