Good nutrition is fundamental to feeling and looking great, and goes hand in hand with personal training, to help you achieve your optimum performance. In order to ensure you get the best results from training and achieve your goals, it is important to ensure you meet your body’s needs. To help with this, you will be given a nutritional plan to work alongside your training.

The plan focuses on health transformation for the busy individual, and has achieved great success in helping people integrate fitness and dietary changes into their already hectic lifestyles.[superquote]“This is the doorway to a new and better life for me.”[/superquote]

New Skinny Me – What is it?

An online programme that can support general personal training or work alone, New Skinny Me incorporates exercise and nutritional guidance to help you achieve health improvements and weight loss without the need for expensive gym memberships or fad diets. Twenty minutes of exercise per day, and a diet that promotes protein and fresh fruit and vegetables (and eliminates starch processed foods), the plan helps you achieve a lifestyle change and develop a greater understanding of food and how it affects your body.

New Skinny Me provides weekly nutrition and exercise updates, a great support network through a private facebook group and unlimited additional support online and over the phone. Recipes and meal ideas are showcased on the New Skinny Me blog to help you get the most out of the programme, and to make sure you don’t run out of exciting new meals to try.[superquote]“I have just finished the Skinny Me Programme and feel fantastic! Not only have I lost a dress size – I feel energized, healthy and my skin looks better”[/superquote]

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