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Oxford English Dictionary

A conversation I had today with good friend inspired me to write down some thoughts and share them.

“When I’m on a diet I know I can be good……”

So I sought a definition for the word ‘Diet’.

Oxford English Dictionary definition:

diet1 (diet) Pronunciation: /ˈdʌɪət/

Definition of diet


the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats: a vegetarian diet

    • the activities, pastimes, etc. in which a person or group habitually engages: screen violence is becoming the staple diet of the video generation


    • 2a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons: I’m going on a diet


  • [as modifier] (of food or drink) with reduced fat or sugar content: diet soft drinks



verb (diets, dieting, dieted)

[no object]

    • restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight: I began dieting again


  • [with object] put (a person or animal) on a special diet.







Middle English: from Old French diete (noun), dieter (verb), via Latin from Greek diaita ‘a way of life’
So, there appear to be a couple of interpretations here; a way of consuming food or practicing an activity, following a restrictive diet for weight loss or medical purposes or as a label for food.
Hygeia or Hygea, goddess of good health | Greek vase, Athenian red figure hydriaHowever, I take a closer look at the origin of the word ‘diet’ and I like what I see, its derivative via Latin from Greek ‘diaita’ meaning ‘a way of life’…….
Hit the nail on the head here me thinks….thats what I see ‘diet’ as, a way of life.  It makes sense, its a way of nurturing life, maintaining life… the key word here is life.
Perhaps a value Hygeia the Greek Goddess of Health aspired to….
My goal is to maintain a healthy lifestlye, and promote this to as many people as possible.
We all take pride in our posessions, car, homes, computers, tools etc, we would be lost without them.  We spend a fortune on such luxuries, to maintain such comforts we are all so used to….why can’t we do the same with our health.
It is ours to conserve, why leave it as the last thing to attend to.  We run around working hard, earning money to pay for our mortgages, rent, cars, bills, food….yet we easily neglect our health.
What is the point in killing ourselves to earn money to pay for all our luxuries when we might not live to enjoy them to their full capacity.
Time to turn our priorities on their head…..mix it up a little, take time to understand our complicated bodies, how they work, what they like, dislike, what works well what doesn’t.  Give your body the care and attention it deserves, it does an awful lot for you!!
Give your body the ‘correct’ fuel for you, generally we need plenty of brightly coloured vegetables, some fruits and good sources of proteins and water!
There’s no mention of Quavers, diet cokes, sweetners or any other poisons that are so widely advertised and available.

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