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Clients often ask me how to cope when eating out, should they even eat out.

My answer: of course, why not? Socialising plays a big part in all of our lives.

Healthy eating is not about depriving ourselves of things we like to eat, in actual fact it’s all about balance.  You feel great whilst maintaining a healthy eating regime and even better when you can indulge too.

Generally, the aim is to eat plenty brightly coloured vegetables alongside a protein source of your choice, and all the while keeping the starchy carbohydrates like bread, rice and pasta to a smaller portion or lower frequency.

So, I was out for dinner at Basuba Ethai with some friends the other night.  We decided to eat at Basuba Eathai, a favourite of ours.


My menu choices were pretty straight forward. I decided to go for the chicken and butternut squash stir fry with a small bowl of jasmine steamed rice.  Now I didn’t have to eat all of the rice, so I didn’t – my choice.


My all-time favourite dish at this restaurant is the Chinese broccoli, which I ordered as a side. Absolutely stunning!


I washed it all down with a sparkling lemon grass and ginger drink.


Total calories according to MyFitnessPal = 332

Not bad really!

So eating out needn’t be a nightmare, try to put into practice making good choices, from the selection of the cuisine to what you actually order.

Don’t be afraid to ask for alternatives, for example when we go out to eat at our local Mediterranean restaurant the main meal often comes with rice and chips – I will always ask for the seasonal veg.

You are responsible for what goes into your body, no one is forcing you to eat the rice and chips ….it never hurts to ask.


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