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The first client to complete her 3 month healthy eating programme with Amrit Training & Therapy is celebrating her fantastic results!

I went to visit her today and what an amazing difference from 12 weeks ago!
She was grinning ear to ear!!
Read about her life changing experience …..

What was the main driver for you to seek nutrition advice?
I had been feeling under confident and was completely out of control with my eating after the birth of my second daughter. I had reached the point where something had to change. I had previously been on various fad diets but knew that I no longer had time to head to the gym four times a week or go to a slimming club and didn’t know what to do. I mentioned this to my reflexologist who referred me to Amrit.

How did you feel upon meeting and discussing your goals with Amrit?
When I met her I knew it was ‘now or never’ I needed help but needed guidance. Her advice was simple, common sense stuff. Eating less sugar, dairy, wheat and ‘bad’ carbs and replacing them with good carbs, protein, good fats, veg, fruit and other healthy and tasty things.

What was your physical activity like at the time of starting the journey?
I already walked a lot, pushing a buggy up and down hills and often a mad rush to the school gates!

What area did you feel you really needed help with?
Diet was my only change. Amrit explained that every week would be different and she was just a text or e-mail away.

How did you feel about the details of the programme?
I was fine with cutting out dairy, wheat and caffeine but sugar… That was tough. It made me realise the power of addiction. But I got through it with Coyo yoghurt, oatcakes, nuts, healthy cereal bars, fruit and other protein-rich meals and snacks. There was no calorie or points counting to contend with and my whole family where benefiting from eating healthier.

How did you monitor your progress and development throughout the programme?
She made me keep a food diary and on the days I was hungrier she gave me suggestions for improvement. Soon enough the weight was dropping, I was more energised, my skin was clearer and the clothes once pushed to the back of the cupboard were out and fitting!!

On reflection how did you feel the programme worked for you?
The beginning was tough but with Amrit’s support I was finding it easier and soon realised I wasn’t always hungry any more. My moods weren’t (so) up and down and I had more energy to play with the kids. Family and friends who hadn’t seen me in a while commented on how I looked and my stomach and face was shrinking! I would catch glimpses of myself and think ‘is that me’… I was gaining my confidence back and getting back to the person I thought was long gone.

And what do you think about the results?
13 weeks later and here I am 2 dress sizes smaller, 1 and a half stone lighter. Much more toned and the strongest fingernails I’ve ever had! The walk to school is quicker and running to get that bus doesn’t leave me sitting on the bus gasping for air like a person having an asthma attack (‘I’m fine… Just. Un (gasp) Fit..’). I know lots more about food and re-educated myself, heading to health food shops and looking up recipes.  I have the odd ‘cheat’ day but on the whole don’t want to eat the rubbish anymore.

What would you say to someone seeking help with their nutrition and lifestyle?
At the very beginning I wanted to change my lifestyle not just the weight and I have achieved this with Amrit’s help. For all of you who want to make change get in touch. Warning: you will need a new wardrobe at the end of it… But who doesn’t like an excuse for going shopping!!!

Amrit Training & Therapy is very proud of this client, she knew from the start exactly what she wanted and where she wanted to be at the end of the programme.  She didn’t know what to expect but she was absolutely determined to do what it would take to change her lifestyle and that she has done beautifully.

She was almost unrecognisable on the last meeting, her skin was amazingly clear and glowing brilliantly. Her body language exuded confidence which was amplified by the clothes she wore, no more baggy jeans and cardigans!!

Her understanding of nutrition for herself and the family developed every week, and she is now researching new recipes and ideas all the time which the confidence to be able to read between the lines of ‘Healthy’ propaganda!

She has attained a new understanding of moderation for herself and the family, the programme provided ample room for errors and recovery, which all became a crucial part of the journey.   She knows how to deal with LIFE and nutrition and won’t let LIFE get in the way of her or her family’s health and nutrition.

She is giving her children a great start in life with a vital tool for survival – nutrition and wellbeing!

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