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I saw this awesome pic online yesterday and HAD to share it!!

Thanks to Motivate Sport:

This inspired me to waffle about eating healthy, something I’ve always aspired to…..the healthy eating part…NOT the waffling!

Everyone has their own definition or interpretation of healthy eating.  I once heard someone refer to a burger from a fast food chain as a healthy meal because it was composed of meat and salad.  This may be acceptable to some folk but I found it difficult to grasp.  I kept asking myself why would you do that to yourself…?
Ask yourself what is in the burger? How much real meat or connective tissue is it comprised of? How long ago was it prepared, real food isn’t supposed to last so long.  The first time I bought an organic box of veg, I was disappointed that my rocket didn’t last more than 2 days in my fridge.  Of course it didn’t, why?  Real, fresh food needs to be consumed within hours to fully benefit from their nutritional values.

Grow your own is a great way to maintain healthy eating, and its cost effective too. Many people get dissuaded from purchasing organic food due to the cost, growing your own is a solution.

The age old comparison of how you care for your material things, house, car, luxuries versus your health.  Most of the time we put our health last; haven’t got time to exercise, don’t like the taste of vegetables…water? I drink diet cola that’s ok isn’t it?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of ‘Healthy’ is stated below:
Definition of healthy

adjective (healthier, healthiest)

in a good physical or mental condition; in good health:
I feel fit and healthy

the family is the basis of any healthy society
(of a part of the body) not diseased:
healthy cells

indicating or promoting good health:
a healthy appetite
a healthy balanced diet

normal, natural, and desirable:
a healthy contempt for authority

healthy competition
of a very satisfactory size or amount:
making a healthy profit

The key part here I get drawn to refers to: a part of the body which is not diseased thereby rendering the cells healthy.

How do you maintain healthy cells? Nourish them with food they are able to absorb efficiently  and convert to energy to maintain good ‘health’.90% of the human body is made up of water, so that would be the most obvious and important place to start.Keeping it real is usually a great way to maintain good health. If your food is real, in the sense that its in its most natural form your cells will love it and love you for it and give you their very best!!

Plenty of organic free range meats, sensibly sourced fish, brightly coloured food, vegetables, fruit, full of vital nutrients for our cells.
If we can keep our cells free of disease, what could that mean for us?……….
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