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Buon giorno Folks!!! So New Skinny Me is in Rome this week, its a hard life I know!

Arrived late in the evening on Monday 27th August 2012. I was like a lion hunting my next protein hit!!!!

Stumbled across a quaint little Trattorria close to the hotel, and flipped straight to the ‘Viandes’ page and bingo… lamb cutlets with some yummy chilli garlic baby spinach was decided on, and it was yummy indeed!!!!


Tuesday 28th August 2012

After a comfortable nights sleep, breakfast was going to be challenging, I had nightmares of bread rolls and croissants with danish pastries attacking me!!

Thankfully some authentic pancetta and scrambled eggs saved the day!!

Off to explore local Roman streets!!! Spanish steps are great I hear!!……

And they were fantastic indeed!! Couldn’t keep away from that, went back three times…..cardio intervals !!!!

 Plenty of walking and exploring took place today,  it has been very hot, could only manage a chicken salad for lunch, had the yoghurt on the side, didn’t really need it, lots of water needed to cool things down a bit.  A small iced coffee helped to cool things down slightly later on in the afternoon, at the top of the Spanish steps!!  The hotel doesn’t have a gym, so I did squeeze in a quick 20 minute bodyweight circuit before heading out for dinner.

Dinner was fun, visited a beautiful place called Piazza Navona, a cross between Covent Garden and Leicester Square in London.  Chicken with lemon and capers was nice, didn’t eat the potatoes….had a lovely tomato and rocket salad with bit of parmesan for fun..and scrummy spring greens too…was lush!!!

Vatican City tomorrow!!! Yeeeehaaaa!!!

Wednesday 29th August 2012

Early 6.30am start to the day today, for the tour of the Vatican City.  Wass definately worth it, what an amazingly beautiful place!!! They don’t build things like they used to!!! Some pics here show the great wall surrounding the smallest city in the world, the dome of almighty Vatican church and finally the view from the square outside……it really was awesome!


Whilst walking through the many beautiful galleries here in the Vatican city, I came across an interesting and very welcoming fact in the Raphael gallery. The following pic shows a mosaic depicting what ancient Romans actually ate……get ready for it….

No pasta, No pizza, No potatoes, No rice….so what did they eaty I hear you cry, take look for yourselves:



You will see, the ancient Romans consumed plenty of fish, small amounts of meat and wonderful fresh vegetables, with some fruit and nuts…….So when in Rome, eat like the ancient Romans did…..New Skinny Me styleeeeeee !!!!!

Meals for me today consisted of scrambled eggs with pancetta for breakfast, followed by baked lamb and a massive salad for lunch….after finding out such an amazing fact about Roman nutrition, I celebrated with a cheat meal this evening. Tagliatelle with truffle and mushrooms…..was rather tastey!!


I think I deserved this treat after such an early start and endless walking through amazing galleries.  Back to the usual eating regime tomorrow though, and will squeeze in another 20 minute body weight circuit too.


Thursday 30th August 2012

Today started with pancetta and scrambled eggs, then off to see where Gladiators once fought, Chariots raced…The Coloseum !!


What an amazing structure, I’m still in awe of this place. I feel lucky that I was actually there today…..I walked where Gladiators once walked….tried to deadlift one of the beautiful stones….no joy!!! 

Worked up quite an appetite here, so off for a spot of lunch of roasted chicken with a delicious salad, and lots of COLD water…which was very refreshing as the heat was a little uncomfortable today.


A 25 minute walk later brought us to the Pantheon….unbelievable how such a majestic structure appeared after walking through tiny cobbled streets…and BOOM bold as brass…there it stood…..x

Sat in the square sipping a lovely espresso and watched in amazement.  Watched the world go by, and played guess the local!!!  Back to the hotel, 15 minute body weight workout and time to prepare for dinner.


Found a quaint little family run restaurant called Su e Giu Cucina Romana , about a 10 minute cab ride from the hotel, food was amazing, and the price was spot on.  Its ranked number 6 in Trip Advisor!! Absolutely fabulous it was!!  Managed to get through a delicious grilled sea bream with gorgeous rocket salad.


Tomorrow is the last day here so a spot of shopping and last couple of places to see……..

Friday 31st August 2012


Wow time sure does fly when you are sight seeing!! Checked out the the Forum today along with the Castel Saint Angelo……Did I already say this? Well I’ll say it again….They don’t build like they used to!!! It is totally unimaginable how these structures were created and were done so, remarkably, they still stand proud today! 

Lunch was the best I’ve had all week!! Gorgeous egg and tuna salad with parmesan eggplant! So filling too!!!






The fantastic trip came to an end, with a beautiful, well deserved treat….thick yummy delicious hot chocolate!

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