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I thought I was running out of ideas for how to cook sweet potato, until I pulled out the spiralizer from the back of the cupboard, so the sweet potato and prawn stir fry transpired.

I’ve learned to work backwards when doing a stir fry, by this I mean the hob and wok is the last place for the ingredients to reach.  The preparation is everything here.

So the part which is the most laborious I tackled first– peel and spiralize the sweet potato – I used 2 small sweet potatoes for this recipe. Then I moved onto the garlic – 4 cloves peeled and sliced, chopped up a small piece of ginger and 3 spring onions along with 3 stems of tender stem broccoli.  At this point the ingredients are ready for the wok.


The wok went on a high heat, with some coconut oil and mustard seeds, wait until they start popping – be careful they tend to fly everywhere!

The ingredients were added in the following order: garlic, prawns – cook until the prawns are almost done then add broccoli, ginger, chilli, spring onions – season with some salt/soy sauce, and garam masala.  Stir through the sweet potato towards the final stage, as it only needs a few minutes to cook through.

Once everything is cooked through, squeeze the juice of 2 lemons into the stir fry with a handful of chopped coriander.


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