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Amrit has been instrumental in getting my fitness back on track. Fat is melting away every week and there are great new layers of muscle everywhere; I've really never looked or felt better. She is an excellent motivator and teacher, always eager to find out what will work best for me. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks Amrit!
Luke Petre
Software Architect
Amrit highlighted the benefits of one to one training. Throughout our sessions she showed it's not just about having someone with you in the gym, it is about having someone guiding you through your entire program. This program was created through a rigorous assessment & once we discussed my objectives Amrit developed my bespoke plan of training which was both progressive & challenging. The results were amazing & I can't recommend Amrit highly enough.
Peter Burke
Amrit provides a full personal training remit. The programmes are progressive and interesting, with technique and body movement closely monitored. To me I have benefitted much more from this than lifting heavier weights, although that has progressed as a result of the former.
Creighton Boyd
Amrit is a motivating and encouraging trainer who makes training fun and increases the difficulty of each session without being pushy; I always feel listened to if I want to scale back the intensity of my training and she challenges me without adopting a challenging attitude. She easily adapts her training plans to suit personal needs, and is understanding and flexible with availability if there is any need to reschedule. Most importantly, she manages to outline the achievements and progress that I've made week by week even when every session feels as hard as the previous one!
Amrit is an excellent coach and trainer. I have been lucky enough to have her train me at the excellent Aegis gym in Shoreditch for the last year. She has always varied the workout, and when I have needed a sports massage as sometimes happens when you hit your mid-forties and you pick up the odd strain, she has been there to aid in any recovery.
Jason Court
Training with Amrit was a great pleasure. I found her to be extremely 'user friendly' she adapted the workouts for my specific needs which I really benefited from and totally appreciated. I learned a great deal from our training sessions, and am able to apply the knowledge to my daily routines at work, especially relating to my posture. Amrit always made it a pleasure to workout with her, she pushed me just at the right rate (harder than I would go but not to the point of going too far). Most important of all for me, Amrit was extremely patient, which put me at ease so I was able to focus on my technique.
Dave Pritchard
Institutional Client Group Equity / Fundamental Equity International - Sales trading (Asia)
I found Amrit to be thorough, clear and direct in her approach to personal training. She always pushed me forward towards my personal goals and gave me heaps of encouragement when I achieved them. Her deep tissue massages really helped to ease my muscle tightness and helped me refocus on the areas I needed to work on more.
Julia Haltrecht
Environmental Consultant
I trained with Amrit in 2007. Prior to training, I was a runner, and also enjoyed cycling, but did not enjoy weight training. My goal was to build strength in order to become less injury prone. During my time training with Amrit, not only did I meet this goal, but I also got fitter than I have ever been (with less time spent exercising) and started to love weight training. Amrit designed workouts to meet my goals, coached me to do them right, and always knew how to tailor my approach if I was injured. Amrit's approach of working on the basics of posture and muscle balance, before moving on to strength work while at all times keeping a focus on flexibility paid other dividends, such as less aches and pains doing everyday things like spending a day sitting down at work. Amrit's enthusiasm and approach made training with her a really fun experience. Her knowledge and ability to transfer that knowledge means now I am an avid weight trainer, much stronger, fitter and injury free!
Allan Horgan
Would like to confirm with everyone that Amrit K Theocharous is not just any old personal trainer. Her knowledge of the body and how it works( or in my case doesn't!), is immense. I have never ever felt so safe and secure in anyone else's hands before. We have sooooo much to do but I feel confident we will get there......eventually!
Pauline Harwood
Colour and Style Consultant / House of Colour
I've been training with Amrit Theocharous on and off for the past 10 months. Physically my strength has greatly improved. My stamina has increased more than threefold and I get a real buzz from training. It most definitely increases my energy levels and keeps me happy and energised for the whole day. I was never one to exercise in the past but Amrit really makes it fun which means I don't tire or get bored with it. So if you find exercise uninspiring but know that you really should look after your body then Amrit is who you need to speak to! Thanks Amrit for teaching me how to enjoy exercise again!
Julia Sondack
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your 1-2-1 Personal Training over the last 4 months. As someone who was an exercise avoider, I surprised myself by enjoying strength training. I have lost 19inches in total and have a new found respect for my body and its abilities. I felt I was in such safe hands with you and I even have my own foam roller now. Thank you for your time, patience and wealth of knowledge in helping me transform my life.
Local Government Officer