My personal training packages are tailored specifically to you, giving you all the support you need to achieve your goals, get into shape and develop a maintainable healthy new lifestyle. All training takes place on a one to one basis so you get the service that works for you.

We’ll discuss your personal goals and your current lifestyle before undertaking a detailed assessment. The assessment enables me to create a programme tailored to suit you and work towards what you want to achieve. You will also receive an easy-to-follow nutrition plan to help you maximise your potential.

I will push you hard, keeping a close eye on your technique and supporting you to deliver results. Your training sessions will incorporate a range of disciplines, to keep you challenged and maintain interest, one of the key components of keeping motivated.

I will help you monitor your progress, both in and out of your training sessions, providing support and encouragement along the way. Keeping the end goal in mind, we’ll work towards your desired outcome while focusing on health, strength and flexibility and developing great habits to support your goals long term.

My personal training services are available in the City of London and North London, at two facilities providing just the right environment for your sessions:

Pure Fitness Shoreditch
18 Long Street
E2 8HQ

Bush Hill Park
The Fitness Station
2–3a Oakwood Parade
Queen Anne’s Place
Bush Hill Park

Amrit is an excellent coach and trainer. I have been lucky enough to have her train me… for the last year. She has always varied the workout, and when I have needed a sports massage… she has been there to aid in any recovery.

NB. For sessions held in the City of London, additional costs apply.

All Payments Cash/Cheque/Direct Debit/Standing Order
Please allow 24 hours for cancellation of sessions.


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