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This super easy protein pancake recipe came about whilst rushing around getting ready for the school run and preparing for clients all at the same time.

The frying pan went onto a medium heat.

Blender in hand, I threw in some oats, sun warrior chocolate vegan protein blend, an egg, some coconut milk and blitzed it altogether.


Poured the mixture into the hot pan, waited for one side to cook – best way to ensure this is to check for little holes appearing on top the surface of the pancake and if you shake the pan around a little, the pancake becomes unstuck and moves freely in the pan.

Finish cooking the topside under the grill for a minute.

I usually make a giant (big as the pan) pancake and cut into quarters.

My son and I usually demolish one piece each and leave the rest for snack time after school.

He likes it with banana and honey, I usually eat is as it is, while getting the packed lunch ready.  A nice mug of green tea with a slice of fresh lemon is perfect to wash it down with.


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