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I have to recommend Amrit K Theocharous and her SHE lift classes, yes honestly, although I have to be truthful and didn't ever in my wildest dreams imagine I would ever be writing a testimonial for a fitness trainer. Amrit is marvellous, an expert at her job, patient and aware of limitations, not that she doesn't push you, believe me she does. So if you are thinking about improving your fitness levels for yourself or for something special you are taking on (walking The Great Wall of China in my case).
Rosy Holt
Business Development Consultant, Ticking All Boxes / Network Strategist, The Athena Network
Another fantastic SheLIFTS from Amrit K Theocharous this evening, really built on the moves from last week - with much more lifting this time - my arms feel like spaghetti now!
Natalie Howells
Freelance Writer
A super fun Shelifts weight class taught by Amrit K Theocharous tonight. Excellent teaching skills with precision and care.
Davina Gutteridge
Pilates Coach
Highly recommend Amrit's Shelift class. Strengthening and conditioning-An excellent way to start the week
Sharon Parker
Managing Director / Parker & Son Catering Ltd
9.30 class with the Amazing Amrit and the "She lift" girls.... Amrit you are a such a star motivator, and made every moment feel so achievable, and in the words of a He Lifter...."I`ll be back"!!!! so energised, I can`t wait for next Monday!
Roz Lishak
Cookie Queen