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Thank you Amrit K Theocharous for the massage treatment today, I feel like it has done me the world of good!!
Verity Mcloughlin
Fitness Instructor
Wow .. I had the most amazing massage treatment today from Amrit K Theocharous.. After many reoccurring 'bad back episodes' Amrit has released the tension in muscles i never knew that i had .. Feeling relaxed .. Will be back for more
Andrea Kiwinda
Freelance Hairdresser
Amrit has helped me significantly with a few issues with my back, neck and shoulder. I go through intensive training periods and it is important for me to be fully functional. Amrit is very skilled and knowledgable, not only does she alleviate the pain but she also works with me in identifying how the problems are caused and how to prevent them. Highly recommended.
Sian Toal
Director OnPoint Training WBFF Pro / OnPoint Training
Many thanks for your leg massage, I'm feeling well and moving much better than I thought.
Adrian Haselden
I had suffered from a low back injury and unfortunately the pain returned. Amrit was able to pinpoint the pain and target this throughout the massage. Catering for individual needs, she applied pressure according to my pain threshold! Her excellent pre -massage examination ensured that she could work on areas that connect to the original target area. As with any form of massage you are likely to feel a little sore, this is NORMAL! Thanks to Amrit, I have not suffered from the back pain since her magic. However, I have been warned "muscles have a memory" therefore, if you do not look after your back - you could find yourself in need of another visit. So look after your back and follow the exercises she suggests - they work!
Hardeep Parmar
I just wanted to say thank you Amrit for all your help over the years. Your massage therapy is without doubt the best I have ever experienced. If I ever get the "golf ball" knots in my shoulders I know that a deep tissue massage with you will always sort it out. I always leave feel about 6 inches taller and super relaxed. Not only that, but I sleep like a baby. Thank you!
Michael Arnold
Because Amrit's Sports massage proved so effective for me I have already recommend Amrit to various friends and even my whole cycling club.
Shawn Ballantine
Photographer & Amateur Cycle Racer
For a wee one, that Amrit can certainly apply some pressure, I now feel like I could skydive, bungee jump, pole dance or whatever!! Amrit assessed my posture first before the treatment and she is certainly very knowledgeable. My shoulder has a lot more movement and Amrit found muscles I never knew I had. Highly recommended for when you need fixing ladies!!
Sonia Richmond
Owner / Chi Beauty
A big thank you to Amrit K Theocharous for helping with my daughter's shoulder pain. She feels it has made a real difference.
Samina Iqbal
Pampered Chef
I had an amazing sports massage by Amrit K Theocharous today. Nothing like what I've had before. Amrit gave me a full analysis of my body and was aware of what areas needed more work. Her relaxing and energy technique really helped then she really got to work finding all my tight areas in my shoulders, glutes and neck. It was a bit painful but the breathing technique she showed me really helped. I would definitely recommend Amrit as a Sports Therapist, She is very knowledgeable and her techniques are excellent.
Davina Gutteridge
Pilates Coach
I strained my back about ten days ago and had been living on pain killers and agony for too long when the wonderful Amrit came to the rescue, not only does that lady talk the talk, she walks the walk! Thanks Amrit I am now pain free!
Rosy Holt
Business Development Consultant, Ticking All Boxes / Network Strategist, The Athena Network
Thanks for sorting out my very painful shoulder.
Pauline Harwood
Colour and Style Consultant at House of Colour
Amrit is second to none. Excellent trainer and therapist. She is my choice of sports masseur and attend some of my clients, who keep coming back to her, due her excellence on services and a great character. She is highly knowledgeable and reliable and have so far, my clients and my approval and admiration. She is one of a kind. Brilliant professional."
Fabio Domingues
Personal Trainer in the City of London
Amrit is the best sport masseuse I have had in London, I have had a number of other massages and they haven't addressed the tension I get in my back. After a massage with Amrit, there is a significant impact on tension release and improvement in my posture.
Kevin Kilty
Investment Banker
Over the past 15 years I have literally had hundreds and hundreds of massages both for pleasure and as treatment for a chronic back condition. In terms of treatment I have had physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, reiki, cranial therapy, endorphin release, and virtual every type of massage available. So I think I can authoritatively say that Amrit's technique is truly unique. I have been receiving treatment from her for the past few months and d have seen great improvement in my back condition. She has great hands and is skilled at honing in on the exact spots that need attention. But it is her unique slow moving techniques, which make me feel as though I were sinking or melting into the treatment table that really sets her apart from her contemporaries. I highly recommend Amrit for any kind of treatment or therapy you may require.
Ariana Dunne
Creative Solutions Manager / Bauer Media
I have been a competitor all my life but one of the most noticeable changes as you enter adulthood, is the length of time it takes you to recover from injury. I have always been a hard worker in the gym, but I like to think I’m getting just as wise as I am strong, as I get older. I have never used a sports massage therapist in the past but being as Amrit was working from our studio and had helped a lot of our clients recover from injury, I decided to book in with her. I was very impressed with Amrit’s knowledge and attention to detail. Not only is she very good at diagnosing a problem but she also gave me some great exercises to use in my programme that would speed up my recovery and prevent it from happening again. I dip in and out of completion training but I have made soft tissue massage a weekly addition to my programme. Using Amrit’s advice, I have been lucky enough to stay injury free, however, if the unfortunate happens again, there is only one person I will go and see. I can highly recommend Amrit and she is a great addition to the team at OnPoint.
Jay Benedetti