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A lot of what I do in Sports Therapy is based on helping people be free from pain – whether that’s pain as a result of training, poor posture, injury or illness. The main thing is that each person’s pain is different, and so my approach to each person is different. I thought it might be interesting to show you how it all fits together:

Consultation and analysis

“Amrit’s excellent pre -massage examination ensured that she could work on areas that connect to the original target area.” Hardeep Parmar, Teacher

To get to the root of your pain, or other issues, the most important step is understanding your body. So we always start with a consultation and analysis, to ensure that I can treat your problem safely and effectively.

“Amrit gave me a full analysis of my body and was aware of what areas needed more work.” Davina Gutteridge, Pilates Coach



Once we know where your pain, posture, or other problems originate in the body, we move on to treatment. I use a technique that is designed to meet your individual needs – again, each person is different, so I work differently on each of them.

“…Amrit’s technique is truly unique. I have been receiving treatment from her for the past few months and d have seen great improvement in my back condition. She has great hands and is skilled at honing in on the exact spots that need attention. But it is her unique slow moving techniques, which make me feel as though I were sinking or melting into the treatment table that really sets her apart from her contemporaries.” Ariana Dunne, Creative Solutions Manager, Bauer Media



I think this is an area where my client testimonials speak for themselves! Ultimately, the result is why you come to me, and everything that leads up to it is designed to make sure you get the result you need.

“After a massage with Amrit, there is a significant impact on tension release and improvement in my posture.” Kevin Kilty, Investment Banker

“I always leave feel about 6 inches taller and super relaxed. Not only that, but I sleep like a baby. Thank you!” Michael Arnold, Acupuncturist

“My shoulder has a lot more movement and Amrit found muscles I never knew I had.” Sonia Richmond, Beauty Salon Owner

Follow Up

“Amrit is very skilled and knowledgable, not only does she alleviate the pain but she also works with me in identifying how the problems are caused and how to prevent them.” Sian Toal, Director, OnPoint Training

There’s no point fixing an issue without fixing the root cause, so I will always recommend the best follow up for your long-term health. Whether that’s further treatment, exercises to strengthen the problem area, or techniques to prevent injury.

“I was very impressed with Amrit’s knowledge and attention to detail. Not only is she very good at diagnosing a problem but she also gave me some great exercises to use in my programme that would speed up my recovery and prevent it from happening again.” Jay Benedetti, Director, OnPoint Training