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Name: Amrit

Age: 43

West Londoner living in North London

  1. Mother of 1, Wife of 1, time starved, adept at training and treating fellow time starved mums.
  2. Worked in IT for over 10 years, took the plunge with redundancy and invested into retraining for a career in Personal Training & Sports Therapy. Now I’m running my own business training and treating others.
  3. Every day is a work-life balance struggle; I understand the daily challenges of a mum and a professional. Finding time to train, cook and eat well, work around the family and run the house. Keeping my cool all the while. – Batch cooking is my friend!
  4. Looking after yourself is of utmost importance – enables you to manage your family and career. So schedule yourself into your day.
  5. Life logistics takes over but keeping calm and focused helps get through the week. Aim to achieve one thing on a daily basis – tick the box and smile!

Top 3 Healthy Tips

  1. Coconut oil – eat it, cook with it, moisturise with it – grew up with a bottle of coconut oil on the side of the bath – for moisturising – has helped with sons eczema.


  1. Turmeric – maybe I was born with it……lol seriously it’s my go to for all ailments, due to its anti-inflammatory properties – have it in your spice rack and first aid kit! Helps keep gut inflammation at bay and is a great internal healer.


  1. Ginger – when I first got married and moved into our home in Winchmore Hill – every meal would have ginger in it – from a standard curry, to scrambled eggs. I must say it took my husband a while to get used to and my good friend joked that my son got it in his milk!! It’s a great anti-inflammatory, digestive aid and immune system booster – try it!


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