Having been incognito for nearly four years, the time had come to make an appearance, and what better way to do it –

“New Skinny Me”!

November 2011 saw a huge turning point for me, I gave myself a well deserved kick in the right direction.
I suppose I was in the right place and time of my life, big changes had transpired.
I came across “The Skinny Bitch Project” pioneered by Zack Cahill and Greg Smith of Aegis Training, London.

The project was looking for guinea pigs and I said “Yes, Please!”
So I jumped in at the deep end and became one of 20 Skinny Bitch guinea pigs, and what a journey it was.

I made some great friends through a private facebook group, set up as part of the Skinny Bitch Project.  We all encouraged one another, bitched about Zack Cahill, who was branded “Coach Bastard”, swapped recipes, food ideas, exercise routines, even shopping tips.

The first week was the slowest week of the longest month of my life!
Blood, sweat and tears flowed just because I missed my extremely regular cuppa!!  Day 2 arrived and all blood, sweat and tears had dried up.

One week into the programme, I was happy with a good nutritrion and exercise routine.  The best bit about the exercise was that the workout only lasted 20 minutes, which fitted perfectly around my busy ‘Mum’ schedule.

A new energy had taken over me, I was determined to get through the whole programme and see the results.  I weighed, measured and photographed myself before and after the programme.  I was astounded at the results.

Some may call this a quick fix….I had plenty of people expressing their concerns over my participation in this programme…
This programme is not a quick fix, it was the start of something big for me, a new way to train and eat sensibly, which was and still is easy to maintain.

I learned how certain foods worked for and against me and how quality time training could make such a difference.  See for yourself, the picture in this blog is my pride and joy; the ‘before and after’ masterpiece.
And so Amrit became a Skinny Bitch…well some may say Amrit became Skinny…ho hum!

Now I bring you “New Skinny Me”.  I can teach you all that I have learned being part of the Skinny Bitch Project, and help you lose that unwanted weight and train effectively.

You will see results quickly, and you will be able to maintain your new lifestyle with ease!

I’ve lost 7.3 kgs (16.09 lbs), 2.5 inches from the waist and 2.5 inches from the hips.
Thanks to Aegis Training for inspiring me to publish this blog.