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Personal Trainer? Nutrition Advisor? Sports Therapist


Personal Trainer? Nutrition Advisor? Sports Therapist


May 28, 2014 | Nutrition

It’s half term and I’ve had very little time to plan a posh nosh meal, so yesterday it was a throw it all in the tin meatloaf, which actually went down a treat with the ‘boys’.

So today….what to cook after half a days work, quick run – me time, holiday club drop off/pick up, and a walk in the park with my boy……. a quick rummage in the fridge and I come across this lovely wet garlic, grab the leftover meatloaf, reach for the chopped tomatoes and get to work.

I cut the meatloaf into 1 inch cubes and set aside. Then the wet garlic, I cut it into 4 pieces lengthways, then chopped it finely and slowly sauté in some coconut oil. (keep some aside for the green vegetables)

Once the wet garlic becomes translucent, in go the chopped tomatoes, a pinch of salt, some fresh thyme and cayenne pepper with paprika. This cooks slowly on a medium heat until the sauce becomes thick and the oil begins to separate.

Meanwhile the green vegetables I prepare in the steamer and add the chopped wet garlic which was left aside. Let these vegetables steam and the garlic infuse for 5 minutes.

Wholemeal pasta is simmering in another pan for ‘the boys’ at the same time.

I throw the ‘meatball cubes’ into the sauce and stir in, then add some water and let it simmer for about 5-10 minutes.

That’s it, all done and dusted within half an hour and eaten within 10 minutes ….

I think ‘the boys’ liked it….

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"I found Amrit to be thorough, clear and direct in her approach to personal training. She always pushed me forward towards my personal goals and gave me heaps of encouragement when I achieved them. Her deep tissue massages really helped to ease my muscle tightness and helped me refocus on the areas I needed to work on more."

Janet Haltrecht Environmental Consultant


"Because Amrit's Sports massage proved so effective for me I have already recommend Amrit to various friends and even my whole cycling club."

Shawn Ballantine Photographer & Amateur Cycle Racer


"Another fantastic SheLIFTS from Amrit K Theocharous this evening, really built on the moves from last week with much more lifting this time, my arms feel like spaghetti now!"

Natalie Howells Freelance writer


"Amrit has been instrumental in getting my fitness back on track. Fat is melting away every week and there are great new layers of muscle everywhere; I've really never looked or felt better. She is an excellent motivator and teacher, always eager to find out what will work best for me. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks Amrit!"

Luke Petre Software Architect


"Amrit has helped me significantly with a few issues with my back, neck and shoulder. I go through intensive training periods and it is important for me to be fully functional. Amrit is very skilled and knowledgable, not only does she alleviate the pain but she also works with me in identifying how the problems are caused and how to prevent them. Highly recommended."

Sian Toal Director OnPoint Training


"Highly recommend Amrit's Shelift class. Strengthening and conditioning, an excellent way to start the week."

Sharon Parker Managing Director / Parker & Son Catering Ltd


"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your 1-2-1 Personal Training over the last 4 months. As someone who was an exercise avoider, I surprised myself by enjoying strength training. I have lost 19inches in total and have a new found respect for my body and its abilities. I felt I was in such safe hands with you and I even have my own foam roller now. Thank you for your time, patience and wealth of knowledge in helping me transform my life."

Sarah Local government officer


"Amrit is second to none. Excellent trainer and therapist. She is my choice of sports masseur and attend some of my clients, who keep coming back to her, due her excellence on services and a great character. She is highly knowledgeable and reliable and have so far, my clients and my approval and admiration. She is one of a kind. Brilliant professional.

Fabio Domingues Personal Trainer in the City of London


"9.30 class with the Amazing Amrit and the She lift girls. Amrit you are a such a star motivator, and made every moment feel so achievable, and in the words of a He Lifter, 'I'll be back'!!!! So energised, I can't wait for next Monday!"

Roz Lishak Cookie Queen

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