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Personal Trainer… Nutrition Advisor… Sports Therapist


Personal Trainer… Nutrition Advisor… Sports Therapist

New Skinny Me – Speaks for itself

May 17, 2012 | Nutrition

Here’s what they’re saying….

 “Amrit, you are an incredible inspiration, thank you so much for all the support that you’ve given me on this programme. I have been absolutely re-educated by you. I’m now near the end of your programme and now, I feel so much healthier and fitter. I don’t know if I can explain in words, here, how phenomenal your programme has been for me. Many people around me know that I have been struggling and struggling with my lungs, infections and colds. I could not commit to anything in case I was ill. Last year around this time, I tried to do Zumba classes, I could hardly breathe. I couldn’t do a whole class, or even a whole routine. I felt so unfit and unwell. Your healthy eating and fitness programme has given me back to myself. I will remember this day forever! Today, was my breakthrough day. I did a a whole Zumba class, I felt light and I danced and danced! I could breathe again. It was the most freeing and beautiful sensation, I whooped for joy at the end of the class. I was crying with joy and sadness at the same, I felt so happy to have this feeling of freedom and lightness and wellness and yet so sad for myself, that I had let this problem go on for so long. Basically, I was so unfit, it was destroying my health. This is the doorway to a new and better life for me. Thank you Amrit for everything you have done. Xx The Enfield’s Fit page has been a great support on my journey too, it made it so easy to find good classes on the spur of the moment. I love Kevin’s Bokwa classes, Cathy’s Yoga Classes, Kate’s Zumba at The Place Studios and also Maria’s Zumba, at Highlands Village Hall , which I did today, for the first time in ages, today. That’s where my breakthrough happened. I’ll remember this day forever. I just want to say, if you think you haven’t got the time to get fit, or fitter, then I would reply, don’t waste your body and your life, treat yourself well and kindly and then you can truly live your life to the full. All I can say, is Thank you. Xxx” Karen Mercer, The Coffee Stop
“Ok so the final stats are in 🙂
 Weight loss: 15pounds (6.8kg)
 Hips: -3.5inches
Waist: -2inches
Thighs: -1.5 inches
I had to do the measurements about 3 times to be sure! I am well
chuffed with myself!
Thank you SO much for all your support and encouragement over the last
4 weeks – its been invaluable. I think this programme is amazing, easy
to follow and gives great results. I am planning to continue with it
as a guide to eating clean and exercising everyday for 20mins when I’m not at the gym.
I know I’m not an official recruit anymore but if it’s ok I would
still like to call on you for advice and of course update you on my losses…hopefully!
I will def compose something for your f/b page later tonight and post it.
Thanks again – its been a fun ride!”
I would thoroughly urge that everyone perseveres with the Skinny Me programme. With Amrit’s help I did, and despite sometimes being hard, and even occasionally making me grumpy, tired and irritable, it was all worth it.
Amrit is an excellent coach and trainer. I have been lucky enough to have her train me at the excellent Aegis gym in Shoreditch for the last year. She has always varied the workout, and when I have needed a sports massage as sometimes happens when you hit your mid forties and you pick up the odd strain, she has been there to aid in any recovery.

When she told me about her Skinny Me programme I was keen to try it and even after completing it, I have continued with many of its themes.

The programme is a mixture of detox, diet and exercise, and they way to look at it is that you only need to do it for one single month of your life! So when it gets tough getting up to do 20 mins extra exercise, or you can only eat the greens and meat during a Sunday lunch when everyone is stuffing down the roast spuds, just remember, it is only for a single month! And Amrit is there, on the end of an email, text or IM to help you and answer any queries.
Amrit gives her work a great deal of consideration, whether it is personal training in the gym or the Skinny Me programme. She constantly uses feedback to improve the programme and she is an excellent motivator. I would recommend her highly to friends and look forward to continuing to train with her. ” Jason Court, Company Owner
” I know I’m not an official recruit anymore but 3 weeks after skinny me I’ve lost another 8 pounds following all the nutrition and exercise advice you gave me. I’m the lightest I’ve been in a long time and I’m not stopping yet!
Haven’t done anymore measurements yet but my jeans are loose! Woohoo :)”

“I have just finished the Skinny Me Programme and feel fantastic! Not only have I lost a dress size – I feel energized, healthy and my skin looks better. I had not done any exercise for so long it was tricky to get going at first. It was all well worth it as I have a renewed discipline to keep up with the fitness again. My clothes fit me properly once more and I’m back in my super tight jeans! I’ve learned a lot about my body in the last 30 days and will be continuing to follow a lot of this guidance simply because it works. Highly recommend this programme, thansk for all the support throughout Amrit.” Sukhjit Kaur Gill Dymond, Visual Effects Producer

“Thoroughly Recommend Amrit  who runs the skinny me programme, she is absolutely amazing!!! In just 4 weeks I lost nearly a stone in weight and it was easy peazy!!!! No fad dieting, just healthy eating and ive never felt fitter, I have changed all my terrible eating habbits and with the results ive achieved I just wont allow myself to go back to eating how i did, this is a new healthy fitter me for life!! Everything is most definately looser and more comfortable to wear! I bought a new pair of jeans before I started and now they are loose!!!  They are meant to be skinny jeans but I wear them as baggy jeans.

Before I started this skinny me programme I was spirling out of control and thought I couldnt get out of it, if you told me a month ago that I wouldnt want chocolate I’d never have believed you ever ever ever!! All my cravings have vanished!!! Xx Amrit is always there when you need her.  Thanks Amrit you have been AMAZING!!! I actually love you xxxx” Kalia Costa, Freelance Beauty Therapist


“I lost half a stone which was ok and lost a few inches around my stomach and an inch around my hips, and I have definitely noticed my clothes were (and still getting) a lot looser. I can honestly say I feel soooo much better not eating many carbs or dairy and it is easily achievable on a normal veggie diet too. AND …i also think it has done wonders for my scalp. My scalp used to be itchy and dandruffy and unbearable to manage and now i feel i have a normal scalp, i think it is from drastically reducing the carbs and dairy. SO a big thank you to you Amrit.”   Raakhi Ladwa, Senior Reward Manager


“I agreed to do SkinnyMe with my husband as I was being supportive …At the start of the 4 weeks I had just completed 6 weeks with my personal trainer, where I was training twice a week with him and twice a week on my own, so I was happy with my body shape, and improved tone all over the abs etc ……at the start of SkinnyMe I was 50kg, at the end I am still 50kg. However, at the week 2 stage I lost 3 kg, and decided that I needed to regain that weight (introduced fats and come carbs) as my butt was not filling my jeans!….. I exercised 3-4 times per week …….. At the end of SkinnyMe I am 50kg, which I am pleased with as I did not want to lose any weight ” Monika Mandal, Consultant


“Stuck with the programme, definately lost weight and inches, as clothes are loose. Eczema has gone so that is fantastic!definitely grateful for the programme and thanks for all the support through the weeks too x” Morven Maciomhar, Graphic Designer

“My clothes are looser, my rings are looser, my watch is looser on my wrist and I have a neck again! My tummy looks the smallest it’s been in the last six years (and 9 months to be precise! :-)). I haven’t lost that much weight (approx. 3 kilos) but I certainly feel much better. My approach to food has changed and exercising is becoming a more important part of my lifestyle – this week I’ve been to the gym three times and for a 40-min brisk walk once, that’s unheard of! I’ve posted the before & after photos but I haven’t taken any measurements yet but I’ll be back to report them when I do. Thank you Amrit for your help and thank you to all my fellow SkinnyMes – the support of this group has been wonderful and has made all the difference to this journey xx” Ana Sanchez, Spanish-English Translator

“Ok, the stats are in. 4 weeks in and I’ve lost 10lb in weight, 8cm (3 inches) off my hips and 13cm (5 inches) off my waist! Wish I’d taken a chest measurement as I’m sure my back has toned up too. Looking forward to toning up some more in next few weeks. New recruits, first week is hard; then it just becomes a way of life because you really feel so much better in yourself. Xx” Angela Meade, DPhil, Senior Research Scientist

“I had lost weight before doing the Skinny Me programme but then I was just plateauing for weeks on end and I needed a solution and that’s when I met Amrit! On the programme I finally shifted the last few pounds I wanted to, lost a combined total of 4 inches from my body and finally got down a dress size! Thank you Amrit! The programme was really easy to stick to and it’s changed my eating habits for the better! X” Michelle Kramer, Operations Manager

“I embarked on Amrits Skinny me programme after a very indulgant holiday and was struggling to get rid of the extra weight due to working night and day on setting this group up!! The plan was great, I lost over 1/2 stone in weight and everything is now looser! Rings, trousers, tops! I feel so much better and no where near as toxic and heavy as I did a month ago. Thank you so much for all your support Amirt and to my skinny me girls! You know who you are xx” Emma Rigby, Business Development Manager/Mum/Love Your DoorStep Founder


“Being one of the 1st recruits for Skinny Me….I started off at 10.5 stone and have gone down to 9.5stone, losing 2inches off my hips and 1.5 inches from my waist!” Mandy Sohal, IT Service Delivery Compliance Manager


“121/2 pounds (very important the 1/2!) and 7 inches off! Very pleased” Sandra O’Connor, Company Secretary


“Feedback my 4 weeks journey of NewSkinnyMe. I would like to say thank you Amri for the ride. I learnt so much about good food and discovered new heathy food. Thank you to all of you beautiful ladies for your support.
I lost half kg, without any physical activities. Knowing my body I’m proud for this achievement. I’m planning to carring on until I reach my ideal weight. Thank you xxx” Fortuna Carletto, Child Care Provider, Founder Kids Connections


” 9st 9.5lbs (-3.5lbs)
Waist –  28.5 (-2.5”)
Hips – 37.5 (-1”)
Thigh – 20(-1”)
best result is the loss from my waist
this last month has helped me back to my pre breast cancer self in motivation, energy & health than anything else in the last post chemo year. The idea of giving a month to yourself to make your body as good as it can be and acquiring some good habits along  the way has been really helpful in my recovery.  Many thanks to you for this Amrit. Xx  ” Marina Palmer, Event Producer/Organiser


“I have lost 7lbs which was pretty much in the first 2 weeks I am sure if I had of stuck to the exercise I could have done more!!! Have def learnt a lot but am also still missing weetabix 🙂 thank you Amrit and everyone x let’s keep sharing the recipes!!! X” Clare Fusedale Dagger


“Before joining the Skinny Me Programme I was quite wary of what it would involve and did have quite a few (and I’m sure quite annoying) talks with Amrit about giving up ‘carbs’ as we know. I was quite unconvinced that I would be able to enjoy food without potatoes, bread and rice but I was desperate to lose weight so finally gave the programme a go!

Having completed the programme, I cannot emphasise enough how glad I am that I joined. I did find the first few days difficult as I was stuck for ideas and initially felt the diet part was a lot stricter than it actually was. Once I started experimenting with Amrit’s lovely and very straightforward and easy recipes did I begin to enjoy the diet side and really felt a lot lighter and energetic.

Trying to cook the Skinny Me way may be difficult for some at first but once you get into the swing of things you don’t want to go back. I must admit that since completeing the programme, I have been eating carbs again but my whole attitude towards food and how much to consume has changed! I have started a new cleaner way of living and am very grateful to Amrit for making this a programme which is easy to follow and adaptable to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

It didn’t feel like a strict diet and after trying other diets where I have had to eat certain things on one day and different things on another or keep track of timings this was an absolute breeze!

Although I didn’t follow the exercises as much as I should have I did find them very do-able and fun! If my friends read this they would think it was someone else writing this!

Overall I suggest anyone should give this a try! You really will change the way you think about food!” Sabrina Shah, Crafty Chefs


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"I found Amrit to be thorough, clear and direct in her approach to personal training. She always pushed me forward towards my personal goals and gave me heaps of encouragement when I achieved them. Her deep tissue massages really helped to ease my muscle tightness and helped me refocus on the areas I needed to work on more."

Janet Haltrecht  Environmental Consultant


"Because Amrit’s Sports massage proved so effective for me I have already recommend Amrit to various friends and even my whole cycling club."

Shawn Ballantine  Photographer & Amateur Cycle Racer


"Another fantastic SheLIFTS from Amrit K Theocharous this evening, really built on the moves from last week – with much more lifting this time – my arms feel like spaghetti now!"

Natalie Howells  Freelance writer


"Amrit has been instrumental in getting my fitness back on track. Fat is melting away every week and there are great new layers of muscle everywhere; I’ve really never looked or felt better. She is an excellent motivator and teacher, always eager to find out what will work best for me. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thanks Amrit!"

Luke Petre  Software Architect


"Amrit has helped me significantly with a few issues with my back, neck and shoulder. I go through intensive training periods and it is important for me to be fully functional. Amrit is very skilled and knowledgable, not only does she alleviate the pain but she also works with me in identifying how the problems are caused and how to prevent them. Highly recommended."

Sian Toal  Director OnPoint Training


"Highly recommend Amrit’s Shelift class. Strengthening and conditioning-An excellent way to start the week."

Sharon Parker  Managing Director / Parker & Son Catering Ltd


"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your 1-2-1 Personal Training over the last 4 months. As someone who was an exercise avoider, I surprised myself by enjoying strength training. I have lost 19inches in total and have a new found respect for my body and its abilities. I felt I was in such safe hands with you and I even have my own foam roller now. Thank you for your time, patience and wealth of knowledge in helping me transform my life."

Sarah  Local government officer


"Amrit is second to none. Excellent trainer and therapist. She is my choice of sports masseur and attend some of my clients, who keep coming back to her, due her excellence on services and a great character. She is highly knowledgeable and reliable and have so far, my clients and my approval and admiration. She is one of a kind. Brilliant professional.”

Fabio Domingues  Personal Trainer in the City of London


"9.30 class with the Amazing Amrit and the “She lift” girls…. Amrit you are a such a star motivator, and made every moment feel so achievable, and in the words of a He Lifter….”I`ll be back”!!!! so energised, I can`t wait for next Monday!"

Roz Lishak  Cookie Queen