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Personal Trainer? Nutrition Advisor? Sports Therapist

Weight V’s Size

Sep 27, 2012 | Uncategorized

“I’m eating clean, exercising hard, I feel lighter, slimmer but when I weighed myself I only lost 1lb in a week”

Our weight is not a direct reflection of fat V’s weight.

Two people can weigh the same but look totally different, one could have a higher distribution of fat tissue than the other whilst the other having a higher density of lean muscle tissue.

The picture above shows five women who all weigh 11st. but are all different clothes sizes, this was from an article in the press a while ago, discussing the weight V’s size debate and reviewing each of the womens’ feelings about their ‘weight’ and goals in terms of where they would like to be….interesting to see that they?all talked about being a certain ‘ideal weight’.

Muscle tissue takes up less space in our bodies than fat tissue. Muscle tissue is highly metabolic, having a rich blood supply as opposed to fat tissue. Hence responds extremely well to exercise stimulus. We do need to nourish it accordingly, by means of reducing highly processed carbohydrates and increasing our protein intake along side plenty of fresh green/brightly coloured carbohydrates. (M&M’s don’t count!)

When we exercise and nourish our bodies with ‘clean’ fuel, our muscles grow as we burn the fat, so our weight may not drop due to lean muscle growth. However, we change shape and size, which are both excellent reflections of our (inaccurately termed) ‘weight loss’ mission.

I’ve known of people setting goals for losing ‘x’ st. in weight for a special occasion (wedding perhaps, fitting into a particular sized dress). However, the scales may show a drop in weight but in some cases the body shape of the individual may not reflect this …..causing disappointment at not fitting into ‘the dress’.

People can feel disappointed, disheartened on their weight loss journey as they are monitoring weight more than any other factor, for example size, inches, changes in clothes size, having to wear a belt for the first time in their lives…….

In general, a good exercise regime, 20-30 minutes three times a week including cardio-vascular?AND strength work, supported by a ‘clean’ nutrition plan whilst monitoring variables such as changes in clothes size, body measurements in conjunction with ‘weight’ will definitely help us achieve our ‘weight loss’ goals.

Not forgetting the variables that are invisible to the naked eye, ‘feelings’. These often get missed, I’ve heard several clients say ‘I feel like I have more energy’ even gone as far as saying ‘I don’t need an afternoon nap anymore’, these are vital signs indicating the ‘weight loss’ mission is heading towards success. Stress is one very common reason behind weight gain causing us to ‘feel’ miserable, so we eat some cake, then look in the mirror and feel worse….this can spiral out of control. We look for things to stimulate happy feelings which usually translate to bad food and drink choices.

So when we do embark upon a ‘weight loss’ mission, its a good idea to slow the thought process down, ask the question what do I really want out of this?? Think hard about the many ways of achieving your goal, chose the right one for you, one which is challenging and achievable.

Take before and after pictures (these are so useful), measure the problem areas, write a food/mood diary, make a note of current clothes size. These will all change during the course of the mission, keeping a record will show this. The food/mood diary will surprise you.

Most importantly work hard to achieve your goal with your workouts and your nutrition, which is a huge factor and watch your size and shape transform, then hit the shops for a new wardrobe!!

Take care of your life, only you can!!
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