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Yoga & Strength Training

Jan 27, 2014 | Personal Training, Written Articles

I came across this blog about strength training and yoga complimenting each other; basically it talks a lot of sense.

The two types of training are like the Yin and Yan in exercise terms. As the blog mentions, strength training focuses on big compound moves involving fast twitch muscles stimulating power and speed. Yoga trains the endurance slow twitch muscles, allowing the body to achieve tone and flexibility. So using both types of training would be extremely beneficial to an individual.

Strength training requires some degree of flexibility to achieve the range of motion required to perform the specific compound lifts. So the exercises are broken down into smaller units, and performed as drills to teach the body how to perform the full lifts. These drills will include flexibility and activation drills.

The flexibility drills can often be derived from yoga poses or routines. I often use the Sun Salutation as a dynamic warm-up for myself and clients preparing to train.

Lack of flexibility does often lead to injuries due to limited range of motion.

Another very valid point to note is; to perform the various yoga poses requires some strength, which can be achieved by practising the pose itself as well as performing some level of strength training, this will definitely contribute to the endurance factor which plays an important part in holding the yoga pose.

My own thoughts on this drove me to the conclusion that Yoga is the root of most exercises, and with strength training in particular, I’ve been matching Yoga poses and compound lifts ever since I came across this article.

So here are some of the derivations which I thought of, based on what muscles the exercise uses:

Yoga pose
Squat = The Chair
Lung = Warrior
Deadlift = Standing Forward Bend
Bench Press = Cobra
Lat Pull Down = Downward Dog
Plank = Plank

The blog makes a point of performing bodyweight exercises like pull ups and push ups, to encourage muscle balance hence avoiding muscle imbalance which can cause injuries.

So injuries bring me onto my other thought about this topic, a lot of the time injuries encountered during our training will at some point require rehabilitation of the muscle or joint, and more often than not, yoga exercise, isometric holds, partial range exercises will be used to aid the recovery process. This just emphasises even more how well strength training and yoga complement each other.

Some really sound advice in this blog; I for one will continue to use both forms of training for myself and include it in workouts for clients.

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